What if there was a social media platform that could put the power of national campaigns into the hands of retailers? What if the results from this unique tool delivered up to 600% ROI? Imagine that up to 76% of that ROI came from conquest shoppers. Close your eyes, look up at the sky, do whatever it is you have to do when you begin to let your imagination run wild. Good, you’re halfway there.


Our wild imaginations now roam freely in a place where a robust ROI isn’t just a nice thought, but a cold-hard, crazy reality. By leveraging the social media reach of participating National, Regional, and local affiliates, your entire company can enjoy the luxury of in-market leads in real time. With data on sales matches, conquest sales, impressions, and more, we will show you the impact your campaigns have had on the digital world.


Flash Point Communications has started something rare. Our unique approach to digital marketing has established us as a group of high-spirited individuals who have flourished in a culture in which our individualism is valued and respected. It is a culture in which our crudest, most eccentric thoughts are not tabooed, but are instead cultivated and crafted into strategies and content that turn the heads of the world’s most iconic brands.

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