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Whether it’s online or offline, retaining customers or conquesting new ones, Flash Point Communications is expert at getting ad groups the results they need. Email marketing, banner ad development, online media and even event activation has been our bread and butter for over 10 years.

Email Marketing

Customer retention has never been more important. And with our in-house state-of-the-art email platform, housed within our ultra-secure server environment, we’ve been delivering Owner, Hand-raiser and Parts & Service emails for top automotive brands for the past 10 years.  Stunning and original creative has won us praise, our white-listing with all the major providers ensures exceptional deliverability, and smart marketing ensures we’re constantly testing and measuring what works best for your brands.

Interested in “conquesting” new customers?  Perhaps you’ll want to leverage more than just in-house lists and standard HTML email?  Ask us about our Video Email (VMail Pro™) solutions and Conquesting Lists that reach new customers and can deliver even stronger click-throughs and brand interaction. With Flash Point’s proprietary VMail Pro™ and relationships with all the major email list providers, your brand could be delivering rich video to not only your owners, but even in-market prospects who’ve expressed interest in your brand’s competitors.

Online Media, Banner Ad, PPC, SEO

Reaching the right customer at the right time, with the right offer is the goal of every marketer. Or…should be. So, whether you’re looking for Behavorially-targeted, Contextual Ads, Rich Media, PPC or SEO, Flash Point can help. Some agencies work with us in an “over-flow” capacity to jump on quick-turn opportunities (while retaining their traditional media relationships), others prefer to leverage just our creative team.  And still others ask us to develop and deliver a fully integrated digital marketing and online media campaign, complete with optimized third party, ad network, PPC and SEO-driven campaigns. However you choose to work with us, our integrated background and holistic approach is sure to bring fresh insights and better results to your next campaign.

Website Development, Maintenance & Hosting

Having served over 60 Ad Groups Nationwide for over 10 years, our website solutions and platforms are second-to-none. And it’s not just our visually appealing and smart creative. Our proprietary SearchSaturation™ software can take your ad group’s entire inventory and post thousands of virtual pages to all the major search engines, giving your ad group an enormous advantage in terms of SEO. On top of that, our platforms not only integrate with national OEM inventory, offer and retailer locator tools, but all the latest and greatest social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If you think your ad group could benefit from a more robust, feature-rich platform, call us today.



Event Activation & Instant Lead Delivery

If most Retailers knew how many hard-earned local event leads slip through the cracks and never get delivered, they’d flip.  Most agency staffers silently suffer with this annoying challenge every single event.  Cumbersome internal processes, confusing and conflicting business rules and competing stake-holders make it virtually impossible (or unaffordable) for many regional marketing offices to actually deliver the leads they capture.  Now there’s a solution.  We call it FlashLeads™. Instant lead delivery to any retailer within any ad group. Total visibility for the Ad Group, instant lead delivery to the right retailer, with no hassle. What’s not to like? To learn how your ad group can benefit from a Flash Point-supplied PDA or Kiosk, equipped with our proprietary FlashLeads™ software, call us today.



CRM Integration

Instant lead delivery from events, websites and promotions. That's the promise with our proprietary FlashLeads™ solution. Even better? Integrate with our exclusive DealerMojo™ application and your retailers will have the best of both worlds – instant lead delivery and complete integration with their CRM systems.



Metrics and more.

Fewer things are more important to ad groups than metrics. And let’s face it, there are lots of metrics and measurements available. But sometimes knowing what to measure is as important to understand as how to measure. Fear not. Flash Point can help you measure your campaign from click to sale. With proprietary tools, unique strategies and compelling calls to action, Flash Point ensures that the monetization of your investment is not over-looked. Measuring key purchasing indicators (fans, friends, followers, subscribers, clicks on inventory, retail locator, leads and sales) is all part of what we measure to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment.


Get Social.

Social Media

With the world now awash in so-called “Social Media experts”, who do you really turn to for answers? How about a digital marketing agency like Flash Point, that’s currently managing fully integrated social media marketing campaigns for hundreds of retailers, across multiple ad groups, throughout the Unites States.

Why do they trust us?  Because we know how to make Ad Group Campaigns’ social and retail.  How?  First, we integrate with the latest technologies and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.  Next, we leverage our technical expertise to pull in a retailer’s inventory, store locations and their local offers. We top it off with an unparalleled blend of creative and marketing to reach, engage and influence their market in an entirely new way. But this is just the start…

Winning acclaim for our social media campaigns “Showroom Rap” and “Follow me to Bliss”, Flash Point does more than just “think outside the box”. We WORK outside the box, integrating with event marketing firms, PR Firms, media agencies and even talent agencies to fully integrated, holistic, hyper-local events that are right on target.

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